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cross country skiing in the valle anterselva / antholzertal valley

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Cross country skiing in the Antholzertal / Valle Anterselva valley

südtirol balance in the antholzertal valley
19.05. - 17.06.2018

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Hiking in the Nature Park

ski lift riepen in the antholzertal valley - The family-friendly ski lift

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skilift Riepen in the Anterselva Valley

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Valle Anterselva - Antholzertal

The wind gently rustles in the highest treetops, and the timberwork of the old farmhouses quietly creaks. Otherwise, not a sound.  It is tranquil in the Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal. The wild woods slowly beguile the meadows with bittersweet fragrance. Moors, riparian forests, and landscapes such as the Rasner Möser biotope lovingly mark the area. And further up, at the limits of the timberline, is the beginning of the alpine landscape in its wonderful wildness. “The boundaries of nature and the boundaries of people”– that is the theme of the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina/Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park. And that is indeed the case: the Valle Anterselva is a boundary habitat. In another sense of the term, too: in the north, the Passo Stalle-Staller Sattel forms the pass crossing point into the Defereggen Valley in Austria. 

winter at the Staller Saddle in the Antholzertal / Valle Anterselva valley

The unique natural landscape of the Vedrette di Ries Nature Park is alluring to all those who like to be active while discovering, with its tall peaks, waterfalls, the 44 hectare (109 acre) Lago d’Anterselva-Antholzer See lake, and an exciting backdrop of the Dolomites. In the summer, countless well-marked hiking trails of all kinds, from a stroll in the woods to a climb up the cliffs, are the perfect invitation to explore the landscape, whether on foot or with a mountain bike. In the wintertime, it is tempting to cross the thick blanket of snow with winter boots, snowshoes, or any types of skis. Because indeed, the Valle Anterselva is above all else the valley of cross country skiing and biathlon sports. The Biathlon Center, along with the “Arena Alto Adige” in Anterselva di Sopra-Antholz Obertal, is the venue for the World Cup competition. When countries face off against each other and measure themselves in physical performance and mental concentration, the grandstands begin to rumble. And then, just once, it is no longer so quiet in the Valle Anterselva.

Staller Saddle winter ski tour


Dolomiti Super Sun


For spring-time sun worshippers!

1 night‘s accommodation and 1 day‘s ski pass free (minimum stay: 7 days) plus special offers on equipment rental and skiing lessons.

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Südtirol Balance


Take some time out to recharge your batteries, improve your well-being and find your centre. South Tyrol Balance is an offer for all those who want to replenish their energy and rediscover their zest for life in the spring months. 



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