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Toboggan in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

Daydreams for Champions on Runners


Trudging upward, taking a seat, sledding down. The sport on runners works according to easily conceived principles – and: sledding can be done anywhere that the snow conditions permit. It is probably for that reason that a ride on a sled is so popular. Sledding in a variety of forms can be enjoyed in the Kronplatz Holiday Region, and there are many places where they can be rented

The world’s best lugers come from the Val Pusteria. Perhaps that is because their first own ride right after the baby stroller was their own racing sled? What is certain is that they were never denied the opportunities.

Toboggan Speikboden

Runners in the Blue Snow

At night, nature keeps especially quiet. Crisp cold makes everything stand still, voices are muffled in the deep snow. Crunching up the icy path, taking deep breaths, cuddling close to each other, and then you’re off with a romantically tingling descent in the bashful light of the full moon. All those nighttime sledders who are a little less adventurous can enjoy heading down a floodlit ski slope. In any case, it is not recommended to go alone, and you should always have with you at least the minimum equipment, such as a flashlight and a mobile phone with emergency numbers. 

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Sledding with floodlight in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

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