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a rendezvous with quiet

Snowshoe hiking malga di Rodengo

Snowshoe hikes

Snowshoe hiking means being a guest in the deep whiteness of the undisturbed snowy landscapes, quietly passing by in respectful harmony with nature and its inhabitants. 
Away from the well-trod path, nature is still undisturbed, with not a footprint on the snow cover. Wild wintry worlds are waiting their discovery by the hiker – in snowshoes: in strolling mode over flat natural landscapes or on challenging tours in the mountains.

Snowshoe hike in San Vigilio in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

For athletic snowshoe hikers, tours at the higher elevations of the Kronplatz Holiday Region are especially exciting! Just think of a day tour through the deep snow of the wintry worlds of the high plateaus, where behind every turn the efforts are rewarded by a new breathtaking view of the majestic three thousand meter (ten thousand foot) peaks. Even all the way up, there are still ample opportunities to stop in at an inn: to have a rest and sample the specialties of Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley cuisine before moving on again. 

Snowshoe hike in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

the search of the undisturbed

To be the first.  Buckling on the snowshoes at the crack of dawn in order to make the first footprints through the virgin snow that fell the night before in the winter wonderland. The search for that which is new, for that which has not yet been before, this is what drives many of those who are passionate about winter. 

The most beautiful spots with the loveliest views are best discovered in the accompaniment of locals. Guided snowshoe hikes not only provide the certainty of being underway along the prettiest routes, they are also the safest according to the avalanche warning service.

Snowshoe hike Senes in the Kronplatz Holiday Region

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