Mountain Biking
Mountainbiking | © Manuel Kottersteger
Biking in the Dolomites

Enough with leisurely pedaling! With mountain biking in the Kronplatz region in South Tyrol, the true cycling adventure begins. 

The forest and its tangy scent remain behind, next to the single trail is a deep green, and the gaze is drawn to the powerful cliff edges of the main ridge of the Alps. That is where the Vedrette di Ries-Rieserferner is stuck to the sky.

On the other side, to the south, the wild women of Fanes tempt passersby. The scenery of the cliffs speaks as dramatically as when the sagas originated. The World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites awaits to be experienced!  

Bike Park Kronplatz

Looking for fantastic trails? We’ve got a whopping 16 of them! And how about some great variety on top of that? We’ve got you covered: Our trails are short, long, steep, flat, rough, rocky, rooty, smooth, built with our bare hands, dredged with powerful machinery, challenging, easy, fast, slow, sweat-inducing, curvy, straight, in the shade, north-facing, in the sun, south-facing, east-facing, unusual and most importantly: always and absolutely UNIQUE.

Riding with experts

Trained guides help to keep trouble away. After taking a look at the bikes, they will think through the enormous number of choices and find the right route: how many rocks or roots can there or should there be? “This one here is ideal. In fact, there is even a little farmhouse where they make fantastic cheese dumplings.” 

An interlude on the pump trail for the sake of riding technique and safety

As in every legend, the subject concerns success and defeat, respect and honor. The laws that govern this have been written down in the safety recommendations and in the MTB code of honor. 

San Vigilio - San Martin, Kronplatz
MTB Pliscia-Tour
Distance 17,1 km
Duration 1 h 38 min
Height difference 294 m
Olang/Valdaora, San Vigilio - San Martin, Kronplatz
Variante Quota Passo / Variante Passhöhe
Distance 2,7 km
Duration 38 min
Height difference 207 m
Olang/Valdaora, San Vigilio - San Martin
Distance 16,4 km
Duration 3 h 26 min
Height difference -1.290 m
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Kronplatz - Gassl Trail Tour
Distance 27,5 km
Duration 2 h 41 min
Height difference 1.205 m
Prags Lake
Distance 35,5 km
Duration 2 h 20 min
Height difference 443 m
MTB Tour Antholzer Valley
Distance 39,1 km
Duration 4 h 08 min
Height difference 1.195 m
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Antholz Valley, Kronplatz
MTB Parcour in Anterselva di Sotto / Antholz Niedertal
Distance 1,7 km
Duration 12 min
Height difference 32 m
San Vigilio - San Martin
Distance 53,9 km
Duration 6 h 00 min
Height difference 972 m
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Olang/Valdaora, Kronplatz, Antholz Valley, San Vigilio - San Martin
Furkelpass / Passo Furcia
Distance 11,0 km
Duration 1 h 36 min
Height difference 724 m
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