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Handicrafts in Brunico

Brunico-Bruneck has been successful in building the bridge between being cosmopolitan and being conscious of tradition in such a way that big contrasts also have a harmonious effect.

That is clearly illustrated by a stroll through the picturesque via Centrale-Stadtgasse, where trendy shops and boutiques range from top labels to small personal stores which offer not only the local delicacies, but also a good many examples of artistically produced handicraft that are based upon a long tradition.

Artistic weavers, wood carvers, cobblers – much of what is sold is produced locally. So it is possible to look over their shoulders while they are working. Anyone who would like to experience that in great style would do best to visit the Mössmer Loden Factory and experience how simple handicraft has written the history of success. Even deeper insights into the handicraft and industry of days gone by are provided by the Folklore Museum in Teodone-Dietenheim

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