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A City for Relaxing


Wellness in and around Brunico

A city for feeling good.  All along the line. The health spa hotels in Brunico-Bruneck and vicinity are proud to present their spa landscapes that have been thought out down to the last detail, offering beauty treatments which, through the use of products with natural ingredients, relax, heal, and give back to the body that which the hectic pace of everyday life has taken away.

Energetic spring water, hay baths, peeling, and massages with meadow herbs and other treasures of nature – the power of the mountains is omnipresent. 

In Brunico, wellness is understood in holistic terms, and it is consequently much more than just saunas and whirlpools: it has to do with the well-being of the body in its entirety, with being outdoors, with feeling nature.

The program includes invigorating Kneipp treatments in cold, clear mountain streams, and fragrant mountain herbs in the form of teas that are good for the health and top-quality oils. They are the calling card of the Bergila and Hause herb farms in Issengo-Issing and Perca-Percha, respectively. 

Not far from the city center lies the renowned Cron 4 wellness center and adventure pool. After a long day on the skis, or whenever the weather is making you feel not exactly glad to be away from work, then it’s time to climb into the steaming tubs and fragrant saunas. 

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