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Sports area Reischach/Riscone

Trainingcamps in Brunico-Bruneck

The territory of the vacation area of Brunico-Bruneck has proven itself as a location for the training camps of major sports groups. The climatic conditions and the modern infrastructures are excellently suited for the most varied of types of sports. Several national and international soccer teams have already been guests at Riscone-Reischach near Brunico. Some of them include the Italian clubs Milan, Inter Milan, Roma, Lazio, and Napoli, as well as Sparta Prague and the national team from Slovenia. Basketball teams have also been guests in Brunico and have set up their training camps there. Basket Treviso and Bayern München Basket have trained for their regular season in Brunico. And the famous hockey training camp Dolomiti Cup has been held in the ice stadium in Brunico. 

FC Bayern München Basketball

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