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Throughout history, South Tyrol-Südtirol has been a hotly contested province whose inhabitants always believed fervently in God but also in themselves. So it is not surprising that the self-confident people built numerous castles in honor of their homeland and so many churches to honor the Lord. One of the loveliest, most powerful, and largest fortresses in the province is Tures-Taufers Castle, where the lords of Taufers, one of the most respected noble families of Tyrol, resided from before the thirteenth century. Anyone who wishes to combine the enjoyment of culture with a lovely stroll in Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers will take the wildly romantic and artistically arranged Sentiero di S. Francesco-Franziskusweg from the district of Cantuccio-Winkl up to the ruins of the Toblburg, formerly the seat of the nobility of Taufers.

And in Campo Tures, the churches are nearly inseparably connected with the landscape. Those who love culture will be very pleased with the St. Nicholas Church in Caminata-Kematen or with the portraits of saints and secular figures that are depicted on the keystones. In addition to several churches that were built as early as the thirteenth century, there are also “newer” buildings that are well worth seeing, such as the Parish Church in the main village of Campo Tures, a fabulously beautiful example of the local art of church construction, or the Parish Church in Riva di Tures-Rein in Taufers, one of the few neo-Gothic churches in the province. But back to nature: all kinds of things worth knowing about the flora, fauna, and landscape of the area, staged in an exciting way, are exhibited by the Nature Park Visitor Center. And what our mountains are made of can also be experienced here, specifically in the Mineralis Mineral Museum. The Water Museum shows us everything about the precious element and another highlight is the Sheep's Wool Museum, where Mrs. Helene tells us the way of the wool from the sheep to the sweater.

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