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Campo Tures

The market community of Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers forms the main center of the Valle di Tures-Tauferer Tal. The community includes the districts of Molini di Tures-Mühlen in Taufers, Caminata-Kematen, Acereto-Ahornach, Riva di Tures-Rein in Taufers, and Costa di Tures-Drittelsand. The most famous sight worth seeing of the village that is embedded in a wide valley basin is the picturesque medieval Tures-Taufers Castle, which has served as the scenery for a good many films. One highlight in dining is the so-called “Tures Street Food Fair”– an outdoor culinary event that is always well attended, with delicious local dishes and musical performances. Not far from the edge of the village is the Speikboden ski and hiking area.

Molini di Tures

The village of Molini di Tures-Mühlen in Taufers is small but fascinating, and with its shops, cafes, and restaurants, it offers everything that could be needed for a carefree stay. In addition, it is enticing with its lovely hiking trails and sports facilities. One festive culinary highlight is the Kathreinemarkt, a traditional market that is held every year in November. 


Caminata-Kematen lies on the banks of the picturesque chapel of St. Walburg and its villagescape is characterized by farmsfarmhouses and by the water: glaciers, lakes, rivers. Close to the village are the waterfalls of Rio di Riva-Reinbach, which can easily be reached by foot.  This favorite excursion destination offers an imposing natural drama of cascades over 25 meters (80 feet) in height. During the warm part of the year, the tiny water droplets swirling through the air are pleasantly refreshing. 

Selva dei Molini

The Valle di Selva dei Molini-Mühlwalder Tal is reached via the village of Molini di Tures-Mühlen in Taufers. This "valley of the water" is characterized by its farm culture.  Beautiful immaculate farmhouses and flowering meadows shape the landscape on both sides of the slopes. A variety of thematic paths offer the opportunity to get better acquainted with the valley. Children above all will enjoy the Tamarix Family Park, at which various winter sports can be tried out.


Lappago-Lappach is the last village in the Valle di Selva dei Mulini-Mühlwaldertal. The emerald-green Lago di Neves-Neves Stausee lake is located at the end of the valley and is the starting point for numerous hikes and high-elevation tours. The Rifugio Ponte di Ghiaccio-Edelrauthütte and the Rifugio Porro-Chemnitzer Hütte are the best known Alpine refuges in the hiking area. There are popular bases for longer tours. There is a museum in the center of Lappago that is devoted to the subject of water. The institution with the name “The Magic of Water” houses all kinds of interesting information about the properties of the most valuable of elements.

Riva di Tures

Riva di Tures-Rein in Taufers has a great deal to offer winter sports enthusiasts: it is possible to cut the first curves right on the village ski run with its own lift directly in the village.  In the valley, there is a top-quality cross country skiing trail with varying degrees of difficulty, making Riva the Nordic skiing stronghold of South Tyrol-Südtirol. The summer hiking area offers numerous trails, shelters and pastures, and there are some high mountains, like Hochgall or Schneebiger Nock, which are ideal for climbers.


The small village of Acereto-Ahornach that is drenched in sun is located above Campo Tures and is known to many because of the South Tyrolean-Südtiroler Hans Kammerlander, who grew up and still makes his home here. Its own majestic local mountain, the Picco Palù-Großer Moosstock, also known as the Moosnock, is the destination of many mountaineers and rewards those who scale it with a breathtaking view of the entire Valle di Tures and the main ridge of the Alps. Also very well known is the mountain farmhouse that is built between two cliffs, “Kofler zwischen den Wänden”.

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