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Of Cable Climbers and Summiteers

Climbing in Campo Tures

The high mountains surround Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers like a crown of peaks that is millions of years old. So it is not hard to understand why people such as Hans Kammerlander, who was born here, felt the desire try out their own power on the big giants of the area – or rather, the entire world – and ultimately to conquer them. Striving upward, to the very elemental, is also what lures so many friends of the vertical to the area every year. Campo Tures has as much to offer the sports climbers, who are especially looking for routes of one to two rope lengths, as it does to Alpine climbers, who prefer to spend several hours, or even days, at a time on the rock walls.

everything is possible 

The family climbing area "Kofler zwischen den Wänden", which, with its routes between class II and IV is an ideal place for rock climbing with kids. Or the Heachnbichlwand, with fans itching to climb its demanding granite face. 

For those wishing to head yet higher, the peaks in the area beckon, such as Monte Nevoso-Schneebiger Nock, the Pizzo di Vedrette-Fernerköpfl, or Monte Magro-Magerstein, providing the perfect invitation to a summit meeting with the clouds.

Via ferrata speikboden

Suitable for enthusiastic newcomers, a welcoming side event for mountain lovers, exiting for sportive climbers. The via ferrata is of a medium degree of difficulty, starting right after the exit of the  Speikboden gondola at 2.000m. You’ll overcome 350m of difference in altitude and you'll arrive at the very peak of Speikboden. Exceptional view!

Via Ferrata Speikboden

Via Ferrata Kids


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