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So Close to the Water

Rafting & Canyoning in Campo Tures

Steep cliffs, splashing, ice-cold spray, and a fine mist that lays down cold on the skin even in the height of summer – the landscape of Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers that is characterized by water entices those from across borders in search of adventure to the gorges, in order to challenge the power of the mighty element with a rubber raft or directly with their own bodies. With rafting or with canyoning. This is made possible by the experienced guides who set off along with their daring protégés to challenge the waters of the Aurino-Ahr River.

Jumping through waterfalls, sliding through rapids, climbing over walls in wild waters – all of that distinguishes canyoning, which provides an abundant dose of adrenaline, allowing the canyoner to experience nature literally with the entire body as it becomes one with nature for several hours.  Rafters also have plenty of contact with water as they are fighting the waves.  Team spirit, coordination, and a tiny dose of boldness are also required here.  The reward that can be expected is the thrill of speed and the butterflies in the stomach with quick leaps on the water.

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