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Castles in Chienes-Kiens

Castle Schöneck
The Castle Schöneck was built in the 13th century and was the residence of the Sirs von Schöneck. In the year 1378 the castle was taken over by the Lords of Görz. Supposedly Oswald von Wolkenstein was born there.
The inner area of the castle is not open to visitors.

Castle Ehrenburg
The Castle Ehrenburg was the residence of the Sirs von Ehrenburg, which later were called von Künigl. It was built in the 12th century. During the 15th century the castle was extended and in the year 1512 it was extended again with the arcade yard. In the year 1732 it was converted into a baroque castle. The big hall, the bay windows, the wooden panelling and the paintings on the ceiling and also the castle chapel are very remarkable. 
The inner area of the castle is not open to visitors.

The milestone of Casteldarne 
The milestone of the roman emperors Septimus Severus, Caracalla end Geta was found in 1928 to the west of the village of Casteldane- Italy in the vicinity of the “Hinterbühel” and was inserted in a country wail. 
The measurements of the stone (local quartziferous porphyry) are as follows: 
Over-all height: 1.95 m 
Top circumference: 1.54 m 
Central circumference: 1.71 m 
Bottom circumference: 1.89 m 
The engraved surface measures 82 cm in height and 74 cm in width: the average height of the letters is 4 cm. The milestone dates back to 201 AD and indicates the distance from Aguntum, a roman town close to the modern city of Lienz-Austria.

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