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Ski Touring in Chienes

The Fundres-Pfunders mountains present themselves in black and white. The spruces and fir trees with a dark green mantle and a thick white hood. The steep rocky slopes are black, the dark gaps are filled with white powder snow, and the peaks snow-covered in purest white. What ski tourer would not immediately be pulled out and pulled up, all the way to the Vedetta Alta-Hochwart, the Hoher Weißzint, and Monte Magro-Magerstein? The sun shines from an unbelievably blue sky, the battery of the pinger is charged, the shovel and probe are stowed in the backpack, and the skis have been freshly waxed. The avalanche report has been read: the conditions are good. But the next ski tour should go into the Dolomites. It’s a good thing that Chienes-Kiens is so centrally located. As far as ski touring is concerned, Chienes is the ideal starting point.

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Altitude difference
Ski Tour auf den Mutenock 6115 m 925 m medium Chienes-Kiens
Ski Tour Elle/Ellen to Cima Laste/Astjoch 10211 m 640 m medium Chienes-Kiens
Ski Tour Cima di Pozzo 11274 m 838 m medium Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers

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