Fabrics, needles, wood, and...time

On both sides of the Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley, the high mountains rise up like protective walls against the fast life, and thus the clocks behind them seem to run just a little bit slower than elsewhere. A good many old handicrafts have been preserved over the centuries.  And today, when the yearning for authenticity, for originality, for genuineness and naturalness has become greater and greater, they are experiencing a Renaissance. 

Today, the loden coat is a classic article of clothing in South Tyrol-Südtirol. It is something noble in and of itself. Over the years, it has advanced to being a refined, popular fabric. Once, it was only shepherds and farmers who wore it, for practical reasons: loden is made from sheep’s wool that is felted in order to make it impermeable to water. Once tradition, now trend. A variety of traditional costume shops and boutiques as well as the Mössmer loden factory are a testament to the fact that in the Kronplatz region, loden has a tremendous history and yet remains completely modern. 

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