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Climatic Gallery Predoi-Prettau - Speleotherapy CLOSED

Unique in South Tyrol and Italy! Visitors can take the locomotive into the mine of Predoi/Prettau and that way they will ge into the Climatic Gallery. You can find here ideal air hygiene conditions, which could contribute to mitigate allergic and other respiratory problems. Our guests appreciate the speleotherapy, because he forces of nature can be used without side effects.

•constant temperature: 8–9°C

•a constant exchange of air: 0,02 m/sec

•allergens: 1,0 till 4,5 mikrogramm/m³ air

•relative humidity: ca 97 %

•absolute humidity: 8,5 g water /m³ air

The radioactivity is for gamma radiation and alpha radiation in such a low area, therefore is a prolonged stay in the Climatic Gallery harmless.

Registration required! 


Category: Other beauty and wellness
Contact: Hörmanngasse 38 a
39030 Casere-Predoi/Valle Aurina - Kasern-Prettau/Ahrntal
Phone: +39 0474 654523

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