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Monuments, natural monuments - Val Casies Valley/S. Martino Back

Father Joachim Haspinger monument

Father Joachim Haspinger, also called "The warlike Capuchin", was born in 1776 in Val Casies Valley. After completing his studies, he entered the Capuchin Order and in 1809 he participated in the Tyrolean battles for freedom. Alongside of Andreas Hofer he fought at the Bergisel against the French and Bavarian troops. In his honor, a monument was erected in the village square of his birthplace St. Martin.

Father Joachim Haspinger Monument_


Category: Monuments, natural monuments
Contact: 39030 Val Casies Valley/S. Martino
Phone: +39 0474 978436

Opening times

01. January 2020 - 01. December 2020

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