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Loads of Fun at Klausiland WHAT KLAUSI LEARNS …- AND WHAT KLAUS DID ABOUT IT It's a fact of nature that everything that's only as tall as three or four pieces of cheese can live higher up in the mountains. This is also true in Klausi-Land, the new children's ski world with lots of attractions: magic carpet, Klausi express, snow igloo, Klausi mountain, slide, witch's slalom… Klausi, the marmot, will personally stay close at hand so that nothing can go wrong, the worst that can happen is that you laugh until you cry….


Category: Other guides, clubs, schools
Contact: Steinhaus 109b
39030 Ahrntal
Phone: +39 0474 652155

Opening times

01. January 1900 - 01. April 2016
01. December 2016 - 01. December 2016

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