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limekiln Untermühlbach

Not long time ago a good income for farmers came from the production of withewash. With its sale the economic balnce of the council was balanced. Olang, but in particular Geiselberg were very famous for its production. The quality of whitewash changed depending of in which hoven it was prepared. After the bif fire that caused the partial destruction of Olang in 1904, there was a big production of whitewash due to the need of rebuildg the village. With the industrial developement the production of whitewash came to and end at the beginning of the 60´s of the XX century. Nowaday only the hooven in in Untermühlbach keeps the tradition.

limekiln Untermühlbach_


Category: Raised hides
Contact: Mühlbach
39030 Valdaora di Sotto/Niederolang
Phone: +39 0474 496277

Opening times

01. January 2021 - 01. December 2021

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