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Winnebach Castle

In 1256, the Winnebach Castle, also called Aschburg, was first mentioned in an official document. The castle was originally owned by the Rodank family of Asch. Part of the dungeon was still there about 50 years ago, and in the middle of the tower an imposing, giant and legendary spruce grew. A local wanted to search for the legendary gold treasure in Aschburg Castle around 1970, and thereby blew up the entire tower. According to the legend, Arnold V. von Schöneck constructed the castle as a hunting castle. It is believed, that at the end of their lives, the Schöneck sons were cruel men who attacked and plundered the people. For this reason the castle is also called the Thieves Castle by locals. Starting point: car park in the village center

Aschburg Castel_


Category: Raised hides
Contact: Via S. Giorgio 1
39030 Terento/Terenten
Phone: +39 0472 546140

Opening times

Zeitraum: 01. April 2020 - 31. October 2020

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