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For the first time, the dinosaurs come to South Tyrol, in Aurina valley! It’s a unique spectacle, awaiting you at the Klausberg: 
The Tyrannosaurus Rex and the other giants are from now on guests of the Adventure world at the Klausberg! From the aggressive Utahraptor to the peaceful herbivore there are 10 dinosaurs in life-size, for example Vulcanodon, Triceratops, Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, Dimetrodon and the unique Tyrannosaurus Rex! With the cable car ticket Klausberg you will experience an exciting journey through the history of evolution!


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We can practically guarantee that here, you won’t stay dry. Water World, located at the Klausberg summit station, offers little brooks, Klausi Pond, Bear Slide, bridges, as well as Kneipp, sand and mud pools: a fun experience for the whole family.


Klausberg is wobbling! Because the new confidence course is now open! It’s a kind of high ropes adventure park, only not that high, through which kids can climb, swing, wriggle and wobble … and all just above the ground! “Maxi-Fun/Mini-Height”: Specially designed for younger children, this confidence course right next to the Water Adventure Park is a real hit! It takes skill and balance, but if you “wobble” a bit sometimes, what does it matter? The slacklines, loops, climbing elements and nets are all mounted low to the ground! Let the wobbling begin – fun for the whole family!

If you’re up for the “big knee trembler”, wobble your way over to these bigger adventures as fast as your legs can carry you: Enzwaldile high ropes adventure park, Klausberg-Flitzer …

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