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What is the best season of the year? Spring? Or the summer, or even the winter? And if we told you autumn! Would you believe it? Why not…

Autumn is a grat season, full of colors, peace, but also adventure. In any other season the peace and the cosiness can be enjoyed as intesively as in autumn.

Let's convince you, in San Vigilio and San Martin you can live the autumn ...



The Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park, with an area of almost 26,000 hectares, is the second largest nature park in South Tyrol after the Tessa Massif Nature Park. It is especially interesting to visit the nature park in autumn, because of the golden-yellow colors of the larch trees and the lively tones of the rest of the vegetation, combined with the dolomite rock, create an incomparable spectacle.


Further information about the nature park Fanes-Senes-Prags

Pastures and lakes

During the many walks and hikes in our natural parks between alpine pastures and mountains, it is not rare to see one of the many idyllic alpine lakes.
An example may be the small Lè Vert lake on the Pices Fanes pasture, one of the most fabulous alpine lakes, which reflects the peaks of S. Antonio and Furcia dai Fers in its clear waters. Equally beautiful, however, also many other lakes that we will be happy to recommend you directly during your holiday in San Vigilio or San Martin.

naturE park puez-odle

Right at the heart of the Dolomites you will find the Puez-Odle Nature Park around the famous - and name-giving - Odle Group and Puez Group. It boasts all those kinds of stones, sediments and weatherings that are oh-so typical for the Dolomites. Among them there are the Val Gardena sandstone, the Bellerophon strata and the Werfen strata which dates back to the time when the primordial ocean covered this area.

Further information about the nature park Puez-Odle


Lungiarü is located at 1.400 meters in the valley of Lungiarü, a side valley of the Gadertal in the western South Tyrolean Dolomites. The valley begins at the village of St. Martin in Thurn, an extends in a southwesterly direction towards the mountains of the Puez group.

Lungiarü is surrounded by numerous Dolomite-peaks, the group of the Peitlerkofel frames the valley in the northwester parts, to the west there is the group of the Geislerspitzen and to the south you find the Puez group. Surrounded by the Puez-Geisler Nature Park (UNESCO World Heritage), Lungiarü has many breathtaking natural treasures, and provides also a good insight into the Ladin culture.

further information about the mountaineering village Lungiarü

Round of Pütia

During the excursion around Pütia you have a charming view and you can have a tasty meal in on of the many huts on the way.
From Passo delle Erbe, this hike along trail 8a runs though stunning pastures. At the foot of the north face of Pütia, turn right at the fork and take trail no. 4 to the Forcella di Pütia pass. At Forcella di Putia, head south down to the Göma pass across the pastures and then on to the north face of Sasso Putia and back (4 h).

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