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Handmade bowl

Handicrafts in San Vigilio and San Martin

It's not just their unique history and language that make the Ladin people so special. Their centuries-old, proudly upheld culture, which has its roots in mountain farming and arts and handcrafts, is remarkable too, and may be seen everywhere still today. In San Vigilio, arts and handcrafts combine the elements. Glowing coals and fiery-red iron are hammered into wonderful works of art by the Valentin brothers, both ornamental iron-workers.

Doing pottery in San Vigilio/St.Vigil

Objects out of clay and water are also fired in Irina Tavella's clay workshop to make everyday, decorative and colourful artistic items. Hubert Pezzei makes statues and ornaments out of wood with skill and finesse. He demonstrates the basic skills involved in wood carving to interested parties on summer courses. There are filigree lacework and artistically woven fabrics, from delicate to coarse, in Pedevilla tapestry workshop, where passion is interwoven with history.

Artistic Texture

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