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Nature park house Fanes Senes Braies in San Vigilio/St. Vigil

Museums in San Vigilio and San Martin

The subject of Ćiastel de Tor Ladin museum situated above San Martin is  the history and tradition of the Ladin people of the Dolomite valleys. Treasure handed down by past generations demonstrates how important Ladin culture is for the Dolomites region and what an influence it has on the present day. For nature lovers wishing to find out about the history, development and characteristics of the Dolomites region in Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park on the other hand, the Nature Park House in San Vigilio is worth a visit.

Museum Ladin Ciastel de Tor in San Martino in Badia/St.Martin in Thurn

Opening in summer 2015, 'Corones', the latest of the altogether 6 Messner Mountain Museums, may be marvelled at. It is not only dedicated to the 'royal discipline of mountaineering', but is actually located on a mountain. This museum, the highest in in South Tyrol, is at the top of Kronplatz, at 2,275 m above sea level. The unique position of the mountain, at the intersection between South Tyrol's three cultures – German, Ladin and Italian – was incentive and stimulus for Reinhold Messner's setting up the museum in this spot.

MMM Corones

Art and nature are often seen as contradicting each other, but here they go hand in hand: SMACH is the new challenge for artists! The advertisement is for modern and territorial art, and works should awaken understanding for history, tradition, local architecture and nature. San Martin de Tor provides the sites, terrain and buildings for this.

Visitors not on their first trip to Gadertal valley, but seeing the Open air museum for the first time, will think it in typical Ladin style. Traditional objects from day-to-day farm life, local animals and lots of wood, nestling artistically amidst woodland and meadows: together they lend a meaning to day-to-day objects that is not in the slightest bit mundane. And it is not just the exhibits that receive a new dimension.

skeleton of a bear in the nature park house in San Vigilio/St.Vigil

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