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Hay bath in San Vigilio/St.Vigil

Wellness in San Vigilio and San Martin

Holidays are mainly about relaxation. For some this means climbing rock faces and mountain peaks to get in contact with the wilds of nature, while for others this means putting time aside for some self-indulgence and pampering body and soul with a massage, trip to the sauna, or leisurely lengths in the pool – in San Vigilio and San Martin both of these are possible! Woodland scents, hay wraps, thermal waters – our local specialised establishments offer treatments from the nature-related to the tailor-made.

Cron4 and Cascade, both large and with excellent facilities, may be reached in 30 minutes.

There's a cosier atmosphere at Bad Valdander and Aquabad Cortina, which are also open to day visitors. Current opening times may be inquired about there.

Wellness in San Vigilio/St.Vigil Dolomites

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