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The village of Lungiarü (1398 m), also known as Campill,  is situated in Val Badia (South Tyrol), 6 km from San Martin de Tor - the cradle of Ladin tradition and culture with its Ladin cultural institute and the Museum Ladin.

Lungiarü is situated at the foot of the nature park Puez-Odle (Dolomites UNESCO world heritage). Because of the beautiful location at the end of the valley, the very low level of traffic and the lack of lifts and cable cars, the village opens up like a precious pearl, showcasing Ladin traditions completely untouched by change: Crafts, farming, typical cuisine and hospitality.

The accommodation on offer in Lungiarü (22 accommodation providers and 274 beds in a village of 600 inhabitants) is characterised by small houses offering an informal environment. This ensures an especially warm and privileged relationship between hosts and guests, far from the more impersonal service that is often one of the disadvantages of larger hotels.

Lungiarü is the ideal holiday destination for all those who love slowing down, leaving their car behind and switching off completely. There is a distinct lack of chaos and of large streams of tourists. It is a place for people who would like to holiday in close contact with the local people, to experience all their ways, customs and traditions, and to take a step back into the past. Like nowhere else, the truth of Lungiarü is that true luxury is having plenty of time!

In Lungiarü visitors can experience genuine natural wellness: A diet of pure regional products, life in an unspoilt natural landscape and oxygenating the body through being active in nature all engender a physical and mental state of wellbeing.

What makes Lungiarü truly unique in the Dolomites is Valle dei Mulini, the valley of the mills, at the foot of the nature park Puez-Odle. 

Between the hamlets of Misci and Seres a walk takes visitors to the eight water mills on the river Seres, which can be visited during the mill festival in August. As part of the event guests can see different kinds of mills in action, discover fascinating information about the milling process and the various jobs associated with it, and enjoy typical Ladin dishes. It is planned that at least one mill should be open for at least three days a week.

During the last few years the mills were carefully restored. They are linked by an easy, 1.5 km long path that is also ideally suited to families with children.

In perfect harmony with the work, the landscape and the environment, the Lungiarü mills are a genuine open air museum and a unique symbol of the country. On the one hand they are a silent witness of subsidence farming, which has characterised the region for centuries; on the other hand they express the economic independence of the Ladin people.Lungiarü is also unique for its hamlets, the Les Viles, a tangible witness of Ladin culture and traditions that are still very much alive on the sunny slopes of the valley.

They are the oldest settlements in Val Badia that can still be admired today. The beautiful circular walk "Roda dles Viles” is accessible in summer and winter and runs from Lungiarü through woods and Alpine pastures to the traditional “Viles” (approx. 2 hrs 45 mins.).

Because of its lack of lifts and cable cars and thanks to its unspoilt nature, Lungiarü is the perfect paradise for hikes with touring skis, snowshoes and winter boots.

A further highlight is the iced natural toboggan run where international competitions were staged in previous years.

Nur für die Kommunikation außerhalb der Kommunikation "Bergsteigerdorf":

Lungiarü is also the perfect base for skiers who can drive in just a few minutes to San Martin de Tor and the entrance to the Skirama Plan de Corones, or take the ski bus to Alta Badia. In the evenings visitors relax in their comfortable accommodation and enjoy genuine Ladin cuisine. Very often, the hosts in these small but perfect establishments serve guests the same dishes they cook for their own families!

Its location at the foot of the nature park Puez-Odle ensures that Lungiarü is ideal for summer holidays. With numerous hiking paths on Alpine pastures in the area and with mountain trails through beautiful forests to Monte Putia visitors immerse themselves in unspoilt nature and conquer the Dolomite peaks on foot, by mountain bike or by climbing.

Because it is so unique Lungiarü is the only village in South Tyrol (together with Mazia in Val Venosta), that has the status of a “mountain climber village - Paese dell’Alpinista”. It has been added to the network of Austrian/German/Slovenian and South Tyrolean Alpine Associations. Lungiarü is therefore a magnet for exclusive and niche tourism, attracting ski tourers, snowshoe hikers and people who love the high mountains and Alpine sports.
Innovative and sustainable tourism in the heart of a beautiful mountainscape!

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