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Playground children

Afternoon programme for little global explorers

3-year-old Manuela, her brother and their cousin of the same age wait impatiently to set off. Pes Pesc adventurous playground on the edge of the village of San Vigilio is just five minutes' walk. Their parents sit down at the solid wooden tables. Manuela's mother starts to unpack the tasty snacks that she has brought along as a precaution. The fountain will provide fresh water: no other water tastes as good and cool! There's even a “little girls' and boys' room” on the playground.

The group of youngsters has conquered the sandpit, roundabout, slide and climbing frame in no time. The little scamps even get to go on the mini zipline with the help of daddy. Soon the troop has worked up a healthy appetite and comes to the picnic table for a snack, where the whole family enjoys some time together.

Playground children

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