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ski touring in San Vigilio/St.Vigil

Ski tours in San Vigilio and San Martin

Antersasc, Crëp dales 12, Puez or Galber in Puez-Geißler Nature Park at San Martin? Or what about Sas dla Para, Montejela de Senes, Sas dla Porta, Col Bechei, Piz da Peres in Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park at San Vigilio? These names are quite a mouthful! The fun of these ski tours starts even before the planning stage ...

winter landscape in the mountains

Refuges offer refuge

See darkness give way to light at Würzjoch, witness sunrise in the midst of the kingdom of Fanes, set off early for easy or more challenging ski tours. The liberating deep breath of air at the top of the mountain, the feeling of delight as you head on down the mountain, gazing in mute wonder at the red-glowing rock faces at dusk: this is ski touring bliss. The mountain refuges in the Nature Parks are real strongholds offering everyone board and lodging. To be on the safe side, don't forget to read the avalanche report and ask the hut landlord about the snow and weather conditions!

ski touring in San Vigilio - St.Vigil

A case for the professionals

Those unacquainted with the local mountain, snow and weather conditions can confidently turn to someone experienced in the form of Simon Kehrer and Max Willeit – they'll find the right tours for beginners and intermediate level skiers in the Dolomites, the Unesco World Natural Heritage Site.


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Altitude difference
Ski touring to the Fanes pasture 6575 m 677 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Skitour to Antersasc 7996 m 1014 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Ski touring to the Fodara Vedla and Senes pastures 4946 m 592 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Skitour to Col di Poma / Zendleser Kofel 4605 m 842 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Skitour from passo delle Erbe / Würzjoch to Monte Forca Grande / Großer Gabler 11624 m 906 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Skitour to Puez peak across Antersasc 8709 m 1553 m difficult San Vigilio - Dolomites

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