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guided snowshoe hike

Snowshoe hiking

The mountain guide shows the surrounding white giant Dolomite peaks one after the other and tells the snow shoe walkers that he is taking through the winter landscape their names. He knows all the mountains from San Vigilio and San Martin well. Even when a thick blanket of snow alters their silhouettes a little.

winter landscape and snowshoes

Guided tours for lasting impressions

Christoph Alfreider, Simon Kehrer and Max Willeit take mountain and snow enthusiasts on snow shoes daily through the winter landscape. What Lungiarü and Würzjoch are to Puez-Geisler Nature Park, Pederü is to Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park: wonderful starting points for lots of walks on snow shoes in the enchanting mountain world. Participants in guided tours may rely on the years-long experience of their guides and the safety measures taken; solo explorers are always advised to consult the current avalanche report.

Snowshoe hike in San Vigilio/St.Vigil

Enjoyment, comfort and safety

The mountain refuges in both nature parks are all ideal bases for snow shoe walks of all levels of difficulty and do not just provide accommodation, but also serve energising, typical food (for opening hours, see local tourist offices or the internet). Then a mountain peak or two may be attempted as well as long walks through the sunny winter woodland and snowy hills.


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Altitude difference
Snow-shoe-hiking to the Senes pasture 4932 m 617 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Snow-shoe-hiking to the Fanes pasture 6541 m 676 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites

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