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Hiking area Speikboden

The Speikboden is more than just a favorite ski area. It is also an ideal hiking area. The mountain got its name from a little flower that grows in the high mountains – Alpine valerian, or „Speik” in German – and that is in fact because this lovely flower is often found in the hiking area.

With the cable cars you can reach the "Speikboden Alm" at 2000 metres of altitude or the Sonnklar mountain at 2400 metres above sea level. Both are starting points for fantastic walks and hikes along well maintained trails. Particularly popular are the sunrise walks - to spot the first sunrays while the valley still lies in darkness is a memorable experience.

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Altitude difference
Daimerweg [trail] – Kellerbauerweg [trail] – Mühlwalder Jöchl [yoke] – Weizgruber Alm [alpine hut] – Mühlwald (Pietersteiner Alm [alpine hut]) – Mühlen in Taufers 11006 m 557 m medium
Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut] 1468 m 108 m easy
Short panoramic route Speikboden 6691 m 607 m medium
Sun trail 12073 m 800 m easy
Hühnerspiel [yoke] – Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut] – Daimerweg [trail] – Michlreis – lower terminal 6904 m 175 m easy
Descent to Sand in Taufers via Michlreis 11013 m 60 m easy
Panoramic trail Speikboden 10076 m 718 m medium
Daimerweg [trail] – Kellerbauerweg [trail] – Gorner Joch [yoke] – Pircher Alm [alpine hut] (serviced) – Weißenbach 14601 m 634 m easy
Kleiner Nock [hillock] – Nock Lacke [lake] – Schöllberg Alm [alpine hut] – descent to Luttach (or to Weißenbach via the serviced Busegge-Alm [alpine hut]) 7538 m 294 m medium
Daimerweg [trail] – Kellerbauerweg [trail] – Nevesjoch / Chemnitzerhütte [alpine hut] 19145 m 992 m medium
Daimerweg [trail] – Kellerbauerweg [trail] – Mühlwalder Jöchl [yoke] – Mitterberg Alm [alpine hut] – Weißenbach 8480 m 481 m easy
Local mountain Speikboden 3241 m 558 m easy
Kleiner Nock [hillock] 1485 m 268 m easy
Daimerweg [trail] – Sand in Taufers 5780 m 12 m easy
Hühnerspiel [yoke] 1154 m 173 m easy
Descent to Luttach via Schöllberg Alm [alpine hut] 9389 m 3 m easy
Hühnerspiel [yoke] – Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut] – Purstein Höfe [farms] – Sand in Taufers 7713 m 328 m medium
Panoramic route Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut] – Sonnklar Nock [hillock] 8158 m 400 m easy

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