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snowshoe hiking at Speikboden

Snowshoe hiking at Speikboden

At the Speikboden ski area, it is also possible to undertake a variety of tours on snowshoes. Taking into account the weather and avalanche conditions, the Speikboden ski area is excellently suited for snowshoe tours. It goes without saying that in so doing, the marked ski runs should be avoided so as not to disturb the traffic on the slopes.  The ski lift facilities can be used for ascending, descending, or both.

snowshoe hiking at the Speikboden

Guides & Rental

The ski school Speikboden offers guided snowshoe hikes.

Also the outdoor-provider Kreaktiv offers a guided snowshoe hike.

The corresponding equipment can be hired at our ski rentals.

Snowshoe hiking Speikboden

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Altitude difference
Local mountain Speikboden with snowshoes 989 m 207 m easy Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
Panoramic route with snowshoes: Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut] – Sonnklar Nock [hillock] 6846 m 511 m easy Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers
Trejer Alm (Äußere Michlreis Alm) [alpine hut] with snowshoes 1468 m 108 m easy Campo Tures-Sand in Taufers

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