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Not only in winter: Freeride makes Kronplatz to THE meeting point for sporty people and outdoor freaks in summer too. Freeriders have the possibility to bike on 6 different trails: one with an easy-medium level of difficulty, two with an average level of difficulty and 3 difficult trails for freeride-professionals. Pure adrenaline is guaranteed! Let’s rock! If you don’t feel confident enough on the bike yet, you can book some hours with a qualified Freeride Guide. There are many rental shops around the Kronplatz where you can rent the bikes and the appropriate protectors. To get on the top of the Kronplatz you can use the cable cars of Riscone, Valdaora, Furkelpass and San Vigilio di Marebbe. Two trails are not reachable without lifts.


On the Kronplatz the following tracks are available:


Length: 8 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Starting point:
Top of the Kronplatz
Finish: Valley station Reischach
Open: 02.06. – 14.10.2018



Length: 4,7 km
Difficulty: Medium
Starting point: Top of the Kronplatz
Finish: Furkelpass
02.06. – 17.06.2018 fri + sat + sun
18.06. – 23.09.2018 daily
28.09. – 14.10.2018 fri + sat + sun


Piz de Plaies

Length: 3,8 km
Difficulty: Medium
Starting point: Piz de Plaies mountain station
Finish: San Vigilio di Marebbe
07.07. – 16.09.2018



Length: 8,6 km
Difficulty: Easy-medium
Starting point: Peak of the Kronplatz
Finish: Valley station Olang 1+2
Open: 23.06. - 16.09.2018


korer trail

Length: 900 m
Difficulty: Difficult
Starting point: 1 km above Korerhof / Reischach ​- getting there by bike from Reischach taking the Herrensteig street until Korerhof and then throw the wood 1km above Korerhof you will find the starting point.
Finish: toboggan run Korerhof

Andreas trail

The Andreas - a handcrafted trail master work in the valley area, which is not directly accessible by the lift. It requires full concentration, driving skills and above all, experience, and belongs to the best that mountain bikers can take under their wheels at Kronplatz.

Length: 906 m
Difficulty: Difficult

Place: Reischach

Skills park Cir


The “Skills Park Cir” was built close to the top of Piz de Plaies cable car where you can find also the mountain hut of the same name.

The park is especially built for beginners, so they can give their best at some jumps, steep turns and at the equilibrium path.

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Altitude difference
Bike & Freeride Piz de Plaies 2691 m 0 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Bike & Freeride Gassl 8378 m 1115 m medium Brunico-Bruneck
Bike & Freeride Herrnsteig 7361 m 0 m difficult Brunico-Bruneck
Bike & Freeride Furcia 4073 m 0 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites

Are you getting curious? Is your reason letting go and your heart taking over? Then only one thing can help: signing up for a get-acquainted course and then trying it out! The local freeride centers provide the perfect support. The right bike (it’s best to leave the lightweight carbon fiber model down the hill) and the complete “suit of armor” with upper body protection, arm and leg guards, gloves, and a closed helmet transform the biker into a courageous knight.

Anyone wishing to hone their skills will try their tires on the 30 m (100 ft.) long Pumptrack next to the sports zone in Riscone-Reischach. This is the place for kids to romp around. But a few old hands or late starters can still learn a thing or two! Still have questions?

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