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Sledding. Without the snow

Sledding in the summer

Sledding somewhat differently! Because with the Klausberg Flitzer, you don’t need the winter white – no, the fresh green summer landscape provides another opportunity to whiz down the hill. 

With a loud "Wheeee!", things go downhill fast. A right-hand turn at the steepest part of the route. With ample momentum and a skillful steering maneuver, the sledder nestles into the curve – and is already out of sight. Sledding is really fun! And not just in the winter.  

Klausberg Flitzer

No problem! Go sledding even when the grass is green: on the summer sled run with the “Klausberg Flitzer”. The mountain scenery, flowery meadows, the green of forests and pastures, and even an occasional cow will go whizzing by. Italy’s longest Alpine roller coaster has enough curves and jumps to tickle any stomach. The Klausberg Flitzer will in any case deliver what its name in German implies, streaking by like a flash of lightening. 

Klausberg Flitzer

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