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Tasty Customs

Sowing in Terento/Terenten

Culture & Tradition in Terento

The flags, the pennants, and the finery all go by, held with a firm hand and carried at processions on festive occasions.  By the volunteer fire brigade, the village bands, and the Schützen honorary imperial militia. In Terento-Terenten, the Gospel is read at the sports field and the blessing over the weather is pronounced. Faith is as firmly grounded in Terento as the love of old customs and traditional festivities. Because in Terento, where the sun always shines, the residents of the village also have a genuinely sunny disposition

Village band of Terento/Terenten

Yes, here where farmer diligence shapes the landscape, the long-established traditions are joyfully carried on. Every year, the circle of life continues: occasions that are celebrated include the sowing, the milling of the grain (which is still practiced today), the colorful return of the livestock accompanied by the clanging of bells and no shortage of mooing, and the rustic culinary delicacies. S’Terner Schmelzpfandl (the Terento Melting Pot) presents the regional farm cuisine: Schwårzplentan Ribl mit Apfelmuas (buckwheat donuts with apple sauce), Graukassuppe (soup with sharp Alpine skim milk cheese), Ziachkråpfn, Kirschtakråpfn, and Tirschtlan (a variety of fritters), and Årbassuppe (vegetable soup).  For those who don’t completely understand – don’t worry about the descriptions. Good things are an international language. You just have to taste them to understand! 

Return of the Livestock in Terento/Terenten

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