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Only What’s Genuine: Art Made by Hand 

Handicrafts in Terento

Once a rural mountain community, now an attractive vacation destination for adventure trips in the Kronplatz region. And in spite of that, Terento-Terenten is pleased to reflect upon its roots so that what was original does not lapse into oblivion.  Some of the old handicraft professions are still practiced to this very day. Stephan the cobbler tends to the soles of village residents, while Ignaz the crèche builder allows the curious to look over his shoulder as his artistic carved works come to life.  As is the case in the entire Kronplatz area, a good many typical regional handicrafts are represented here: in the expert hands of wood carvers and sculptors, blocks of wood are turned into unique figures or fine-structured works of art.

sewing machine in Terento/Terenten

Every two years, a handicraft show is held in Terento under the name Tearna Mochort. The locals display their works of art and tell their reminiscences of days gone by. And while visitors listen to the tales, they can even lend a hand. That makes diving into the world of the village of yesterday quite easy. 

Also located right in the village center of Terento are works by local artists on the topic of – what else could it be in this village? – the sun and sundials. So that way, the sun is always present in Terento, even if it might actually be raining! 

old handicraft in Terento/Terenten

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