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The biotope "Pirchner Moos" is located at 1,300 m above sea level with a slight southern inclination. Bressanone granite provides the geological base of the biotope. The biotope impresses with two different vegetation areas. A small fen and swamp with a high moor-like edge can be found at the centre of the biotope. The small wetland is surrounded by marsh areas and wet meadows, loose forest areas and hedges. In the marsh area you can find different types of moss like sphagnum, but also bogbean, bog star, swamp meadowgrass, common tormentil, sedges and different types of the wild orchid. The marsh areas used to be mowed for the production of horse food and litter for the stables. The variety of flora in the biotope provides an ideal living space for different animals. Here you can admire primeval animals like dragonflies and the azure damselfly. In certain weather conditions you might also be able to see fire salamanders. The common buzzard loves the free space of wetland meadows. The border between the southern alpine and northern alpine rock composition of this area is located to the north of the biotope at "Hohenbichl", the so-called "Puster Valley Line". This disturbance line is one of the most important earthquake lines in the Alps. Starting point: car park in the village center


Category: Lakes, cascades
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