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Church San Zeno at Pino/Pein

Church San Zeno at Pino/Pein S. Zeno in Pino was constructed during the 12th or 13th century. The chapel is located south-west of the Parish Church on a secluded hill between two ravines. The chapel shows the former Roman construction style at the door and window areas. The tower was added in 1794/1795. Major construction works took place in 1770. This could be the first time the church was vaulted. The frescos inside the chapel were realised by the Baroque painter Johann Mitterwurzer (1745-1788). The baroque altar construction with an image of Mary dates back to the second half of the 18th century. Also worth a mention is the bell dating back to 1539. The last restoration took place in 1987/88. Please contact Terento/Terenten Tourist Office for opening times


Category: Churches, chapels, religious centres
Contact: Via S. Giorgio 1
39030 Terento/Terenten
Phone: +39 0472 546140

Opening times

01. January 2019 - 01. December 2019

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