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Pietra del diavolo/Teufelsstein

The Making of a Myth The Devil´s Stone The "Devils' Stone" along the ancient pasture path to the Pertingeralm Hut. The farmers from the village of Molini di Tures enraged the devil so much, that he wanted to inflict evil upon them. He carried a stone over from the village of Luson and wanted to let it roll down to the village of Molini di Tures from Mutenock Peak. The devil chose the shortest route of course. However, the stone was so heavy that the devil had to take a break and put down his back basket containing the stone. Because of his anger he did however not notice that it started to get bright already, and the sacristan of Terento started to ring the prayer bells, as he always did in the mornings. Hence, the devil had to leave the stone where it was and return to the underworld. The "Devils' Stone" still lies amidst the forest at 1,700 m above sea level just above the Nunewieser farm. The population also regards this stone as a large and imposing example of a non-local glacier boulder. Starting point: Terento/Terenten, Highest point: 1550


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