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Of Ancient Mills, Witches, and Devils

Earth pyramids in Terento/Terenten

Sights Worth Seeing

The area around Terento-Terenten offers plenty of greatness, whether it is the giants of the Dolomites or the renowned ski areas. In Terento itself, on the other hand, it is the little wonders of nature and culture that are waiting to be experienced: with a short stroll to the conical peaks of the Terento earth pyramids, with a gentle one and a half hour excursion on the instructional path on mills along the Rio Terento-Terner Bach stream in order to discover the five hundred year-old grain mills, or on hikes to the deep-blue Lago Pausa-Tiefrastensee or the Lago Campofosso-Kompfoss-See lakes. 

Kneipp hydrotherapy facilities in Terento/Terenten

Fabulous nature

Where nature so freely shows its mystical side, it is no wonder that the legends run wild and have grown up around Terento’s sights worth seeing. Spine-chilling tales are told about the witch’s rock and the devil’s rock. But wrapped around a mighty spruce tree are not just legends, but also the ruins of the old Aschburg fortress. Anyone who would like to see even more astonishing old edifices can visit the St. George parish church or the famous St. Zeno in Pein chapel, perched atop its quiet hill between the gorges.  

Sulle tracce delle leggende/Sagenweg in Terento/Terenten

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