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Holiday Highlights in Terento-Terenten

Locals say that "the sun never goes down in Terento-Terenten". And indeed, this village enjoys the longest exposure to the sun anywhere in South Tyrol thanks to its position at 1210m altitude.

Therefore, it should come as little surprise that the sun is very much a dominating theme in Terento-Terenten. Educational trails, playgrounds and even monuments in the form of sundials can be found throughout the village.


One special highlight not to be missed is the S´Terner Schmelzpfandl, which brings together local handicrafts and cooking.

During the celebrations the 500 year old mills once again turn corn into flour. Visitors who want to learn more about these fascinating water-driven mills will find a series of info boards explaining the history of the "Terner Mühlen" and how they work.

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