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Mill in Terento/Terenten

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S'Terner Schmelzpfandl (The Terento Melting Pot)

Since time immemorial, Terento-Terenten on the Sonnenstraße [the Sun Road] of the Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley has been regarded as the bread basket of the Val Pusteria.  Situated on the Sonnenstraße, it had always been very fertile.  Farmers planted their grain and other crops there.  In the Val di Terento-Terner Tal, the grain was then ground into flour in the water-driven grain mills and prepared into delicious dishes at the farms.

Preserving this tradition and authentically and genuinely providing the farm culture to both locals and guests is the goal of “s’Terner Schmelzpfandl” (the “Terento Melting Pot”).  For that reason, numerous events are organized through the course of the year:

Just like in Grandfather’s day, the fields are plowed and harrowed, and then the grain is sown by hand. [DETAILS]

Mill Festival
The grain is processed into flour in the grain mills, some of which are five hundred years old.  With playing, music, and culinary delicacies, the Sunday turns into an adventure for the entire family! [DETAILS]

Harvest Time
The grain and crops are ripe for the harvest!  With a scythe and a hoe, the harvest is gathered, just like in the time of our grandfathers.  Diligent hands tie the sheaves, set up wooden racks on which to lay them out, and hang the flax seeds to dry on traditional implements.   In order to fully and completely experience the harvest time, the day begins with a hike to a farm, baking bread together in the farmhouse oven, a visit to the grain mill, and then the harvest of the crops in the field. [DETAILS]

Return of the Livestock
For the cows, calves, sheep, and donkeys, the summer freshness comes to an end on the Alpine pasture!  A procession through the village, floats, thigh-slapping folk dancers, and whip-cracking turn the event into a colorful occasion. [DETAILS]

Terento Farm Cuisine
Farmhouses and hospitality establishments serve up local rustic specialties.  Farm museums, hikes to farms, baking bread in the farmhouse oven, donkey trekking, and baking and cooking courses offer ten full days of variety! [DETAILS]



terento farm cooking

Val Pusteria Dishes, Culture, and Tradition

2020 Dates: October 16-25, 2020

At the Terento Farm Cooking Festival, discover, experience, and enjoy dishes from grandma’s recipe collection, such as cabbage soup, buckwheat fritters with applesauce, blood noodles, soup with aged Tyrolean gray cheese, various fritters known as ZiachkråpfnKirschtakråpfnPuffa, and Tirschtlan; pea soup and other local soups, and much, much more.

> Participating organizations

More than just good food... At the Terento Farm Cooking Festival, an interesting and entertaining program is also presented!

farmers market


Dates: October 18 and 25, 2020

Market with farming products from the farmes of the region in the center of Terenten from 10 a.m until 4 p.m



Springtime is for Harnessing the Horses

Next date: May 2020

Sowing in Terento in South Tyrol-Südtirol... just like in grandfather’s day, grains such as oats, wheat, rye, barley, and flax are sown in the church field in Terento.  In addition, crops such as peas, cabbage, and potatoes are also planted.

The sowing in detail:

  • With the Eare fiehrn, soil is brought from the lowest edge of the field to the top in the Earegrottn cart.
  • With the subsequent Baudn, the field is plowed by a team of horses.
  • Just like in the olden days, the soil is loosened and broken up with an Egn (a harrow).
  • In the last step, the San, the farmers sow barley, wheat, oats, flax, poppies, and peas by hand, and they plant potatoes along with the schoolchildren.
  • Traditional farm implements are demonstrated, such as the Earegrottn cart, Radlstock, plow, harrow, and similar tools.
  • Farmers and laborers tells stories and anecdotes about “farming life way back when”.

Mill festival

The current situation does not allow us to go ahead with the mills festival as we had planned. With a heavy heart,
we have decided to cancel it. At the same time, we are optimistic about the future – and look forward to next year all the more.

From Grain to Flour

Next date: August 1, 2021

It happens on the first Sunday of August every year: in the Val di Terento-Terner Tal, interested onlookers big and small can experience the handicraft of the millers from Grandpa’s day, from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  With the blades of the wooden waterwheels and the weight of the heavy millstone, the Terento millers grind their flour!

An adventure hint for the whole family:​

  • Visit and tour of the grains mills that are up to five hundred years old.
  • Photography exhibition on the mills in the “Tolden” Hütte.
  • Easy hike for the entire family / shuttle with fee.
  • Musical entertainment. 
  • Farmer’s cuisine – enjoy the traditional farmhouse specialties such as a Schmarrn scrambled pancakes, Tirschtlan fritters, Krapfen doughnuts, Tyrolean Knödel dumplings, polenta, speck farmer’s bacon and cheese, and homemade juices.
  • Bread baking.
  • The whip crackers and thigh-slapping folk dancers



Mill in Terento/Terenten

harvest festival

The current situation does not allow us to go ahead with the mills festival as we had planned. With a heavy heart,
we have decided to cancel it. At the same time, we are optimistic about the future – and look forward to next year all the more.


An Adventure for the Entire Family

Date: August 15, 2021

With the Harvest Festival, culture also can be experienced firsthand.  From 10:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the Church Field in the village center, the grain is cut with a scythe, bound into sheaves, and put up to dry on wooden racks.  Visitors are invited to join in.  The typical mid-morning snack known as Neinern will be offered, and the traditional equipment will of course also be present, such as the threshing machine, windmill, plow, and seed tub.

A grain table with all kinds of grains will also be available.  Children are always amazed when they see how different wheat is from rye or oats.

School-aged children harvest onions, fennel, carrots, potatoes, and other crops which they themselves planted back in the spring.

The program is rounded out by a farmer’s market, specialties from the farm women, music, traditional games for children, and the big playground.  

Program: 10:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. 

An adventure for the entire family!

return of the livestock

The current situation does not allow us to go ahead with the mills festival as we had planned. With a heavy heart,
we have decided to cancel it. At the same time, we are optimistic about the future – and look forward to next year all the more.


One of the most beautiful in the entire province!

Date: October 09, 2021

This year, as well, during the Return of the Livestock in Terento, farmers will get their livestock from the Alpine pasture together and bring them back to their home farms, and thus into the warm barns.  For cows, calves, sheep, goats, and donkeys, their stay will thus draw to a close in the airy higher elevations, with fresh mountain air, spicy grass, and cool nights.  The animals are adorned with bells, artistically decorated wreaths around their necks and their horns festooned with fresh flowers, and they are then driven into the valley.  With floats along with household goods and small animals, whip crackers, thigh-slapping folk dancers, a farmer’s market, and musical entertainment, the event becomes a colorful celebration.

Starting from 10:00 A.M., the various clubs and associations of the village set up a variety of stands and offer farmhouse delicacies such as Tirschtlan fritters, barley soup, Pressknödel fried dumplings, and more.  The farmers from the area sell products from their own farms at the farmer’s market, such as honey, wine, juices, speck farmer’s bacon, fruit schnapps, cheese, felt slippers, turned wooden objects, and similar crafts.  Around 2:00 P.M., the return of the livestock leads through the village center of Terento.


  • At 10:00 A.M., the festivities begin in Terento with entertainment as well as delicacies and hearty dishes from the farmhouse cuisine.
  • Around 2:00 P.M., the return of the livestock finally leads through the village center of Terento in South Tyrol-Südtirol.


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