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On Nature’s High Horse 

Horse riding in Terento/Terenten

Horseback Riding in Terento

The fact that happiness on earth can be found on the back of a horse can be experienced even more fully when that horse is moving on the back of a mountain.  Unique vistas and deep experiences beckon to those who ride through fragrant conifer forests, past many a steep gorge, over waltzing mountain waters and through babbling brooks. Amidst dense groves, over open hilltops, higher and higher. And the horse does its part, together with the rider, it is teamwork between human and animal.
The Wiedenhof offers the popular riding vacation in the mountains. It doesn’t matter whether you are already secure in the saddle or still have to learn: the horses that originated from Iceland are surefooted and friendly, calmly accepting every rider. 

horses in Terento/Terenten

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