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Mountain climbing in Terento/Terenten

Mountain climbing in Terento

Towering above the sunny village of Terento-Terenten are a number of beautiful, rewarding peaks. The best-known of them is the Cima di Terento-Eidechsspitze with its proud 2,964 meters (9,724 feet) of elevation. Above the timberline, a striking and graceful mountain landscape opens up with wild cliffs and steep rock formations. Around the renowned Rifugio Lago della Pausa-Tiefrastenhütte with its picturesque lake of the same name, there are even more mountain peaks, all of which offer a fantastic panorama view. The mountain hikes can be managed without any problems by skilled mountain climbers. But for those who prefer to join a hiking group, there is the possibility to book one of the guided mountain tours.

mountain climbing in Terento/Terenten

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Altitude difference
Escursione alla Cima di Terento/Bergtour zur Eidechsspitze 18741 m 1658 m difficult Terento-Terenten
Escursione alla Cima Monte Gruppo grande/Bergtour zur Hochgrubbachspitze 13908 m 1407 m difficult Terento-Terenten
Escursione al Monte Pausa/Bergtour zur Kempspitze 13284 m 1306 m difficult Terento-Terenten

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