Mercedes-Benz & Kronplatz
Highly Inspired

Also this year the ski resort Kronplatz has the pleasure to present again the partnership with Mercedes-Benz - a partnership between two outstanding personalities. 

The common values, such as environmental sustainability, the constant search for new innovative technologies, but above all the shared passion for adrenaline and performance, gives the partnership a deep and strong bond.

Olang 1+2

The new Olang 1+2 gondola lift is not only the largest project ever realized at Kronplatz, but also brings with it the most modern innovation and the finest advantages. 

With a transport capacity of 3,900 people per hour and a speed of 6.5m/s, the new lift is the ascent syystem with the highest transport capacity at Kronplatz.


AMG Skiline

Time for top perfomances!

Plenty of adrenaline and thrills are provided at the Kronplatz ski resort: show off your skills at the Mercedes AMG Skiline and, thanks to real-time recordings and photos, you can relive your best performances.  


And that's not all. In keeping with the spirit of environmental sustainability, a Mercedes EQ-style downhill run awaits you in San Vigilio di Marebbe. Be excited and go through a fascinating descent in the middle of the Dolomites!


Black Five

The Kronplatz ski area is one of the few ski areas in the Alps to offer a total of 5 black slopes. The so-called "Black Five" demand even professionals fullest skill and a large portion of courage. If you love challenges and action, Kronplatz is the right place for you!