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Short hikes at the Gsieser head of the valley


Pidig-, Messner Hut and Kradorfer Alm – beautiful short hikes at the Gsieser head of the valley

Starting point: Parish Church of St. Magdalena in the Gsieser Valley 1398 m
At a glance: Parish Church of St. Magdalena – head of the Valley – Rotmooshof – Pidig Alm –Kradorfer Alm – Messner Hütte – Hinterbergkofelalm – Parish Church of St. Magdalen
Level of difficulty: easy
Altitude difference: 422 m
Hiking time: 2 ½ hours
Distance: ca. 9 km

Difficulty easy
Technik ■■
Condition ■■
Experience ■■■■
Landscape ■■■■
Altitude 1398 m / 1826 m


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Valuable tips and information: This short hike – almost a stroll – leads from St. Magdalena to the Pidigalm and to the close-by pretty sheds and barns of the Messner Hut and the Kradorfer Alm, where you can stop for refreshments. Both huts are situated within an area of alpine pastures with striking mountains towering above and offer incredible views of the Gsieser Valley. The Pidigalm still bears its original field name, which was already mentioned in a document over a thousand years ago. The area provides a good opportunity for a circular hike, as there are a comfortable small forest road on one side of the valley and an unspoiled natural path on the other, both leading to your destination.

Route description: From St. Magdalena (1398 m), briefly continue to the head of the valley (1465 m); on the narrow road continue roughly for ten minutes into the valley to the innermost farms; then follow the access road to the Alm (no through traffic) until you reach the footpath, diverting on your right. As one pleases, you can now either continue on the narrow road or follow the footpath (number 49) into the valley, which crosses a stream at some point and, after an initial ascent, remains fairly plane. Both options take about 45 minutes and lead to the Pidigalm with the Messner Hut (1659 m) on the orographic right side of the river (downstream) and the Kradorfer Alm (1704 m) on the opposite side of the valley. Both locations offer refreshments and a good opportunity to rest.

Return for keen hikers: Just slightly beyond the Pidigalm by the Messner Hut, follow the signpost for “Hinterbergkofel”. First, briefly continue upwards on the western slope, then turn left over a little stream and slightly ascend, on a well-marked forest road, to the Hinterbergkofelalm (1820 m) in just over twenty minutes. From there, return on the forest road (number 53), slightly descending across the forest and down to the starting point; from Kradorfer Alm approximately 1 ½ hours.

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Monguelfo - Gsieser Tal Valley -

Parish Church of St. Magdalena in the Gsieser Valley 1398 m

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Difficulty easy
Distance 12 km
Duration 02:30 hours
Climb 422 m
Descent 559 m

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