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Wood between Everyday Life and Art

Handicrafts in Tesido and Val Casies

In the Val Casies Valley, what is worked with is what nature provides. And it’s not just the farmers who do that – a great deal of handicraft is based upon working with natural materials. Thus distributed throughout Monguelfo, Tesido, and the entire Val Casies Valley are cabinetmakers, carpenters, floor layers, and wood turners. At the far end of the Val Casies Valley, in absolute quiet and in the midst of a unique mountain landscape, is where the hand-turned wooden bowls of Josef Taschler come into existence.

They are an expression of the power of the Alps.  For his works, which are often more objects of design than utilitarian objects, Taschler uses only exquisite local woods. Those who would like to lend a personal touch to wooden handicraft works as well as objects made from other materials head to Gravur Design, where Daniel Stoll carries out wonderful embossing and engraving work.

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