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In the holiday area of the Val Casies Valley-Monguelfo--Tesido, it is possible to acquire everything locally that is needed for everyday necessities. Grocery stores are found in all villages.  There are bakeries and a butcher shop in Monguelfo.  Fresh products are offered everywhere. It’s always in good form to have a little chat while in town. That’s part of the friendly lifestyle. The shops in Monguelfo cover just about everything, and they are a point of attraction for the entire Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley. A variety of florist shops, grocery stores, electronics shops, bicycles, shoes, sporting goods, and fashion are available – in short, practically everything that the heart desires can be found here.


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Bakery and Despar Amhof_
Other shops / Bread and baked goods / Beverages / Groceries / Fruits and vegetables / Meat and sausages - Val Casies Valley/S. Martino
Despar Amhof
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Despar Hellweger_
Other shops / Groceries / Bread and baked goods / Fruits and vegetables / Meat and sausages / Local traditional products - Monguelfo-Tesido/Monguelfo
Despar Hellweger
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Other shops / Production facilities, farm shops / Local traditional products - Val Casies Valley/S. Maddalena
Farm Shop Regiohof
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