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Tipical South Tyrolean sweet

Local products of Valdaora

Local products are very popular, particularly since everyone knows how much value South Tyroleans-Südtiroler place on their living space within nature. Organically grown products are carefully processed and sold fresh from the farm.  Meat and dairy products come from animals that are raised with farming methods that are appropriate for the species and then processed into fine specialties using artisanal skill.  Trust is quickly built with local producers, and sometimes one farmer or butcher or another will even let visitors watch as products are prepared

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Cheese dairy Unterhölzlhof

At the cheese dairy, which is situated in Valdaora di Sopra, they produce cheese out of organic milk of the goats. On the farm Unterhölzlhof they breed the Deutsche Edelziege, a type of German goat race producing very precious and healthy milk. Goat milk is easily digestible and suitable for people suffering from an allergy towards cow milk.

The products of the Unterhölzlhof are the following:
• eggs
• spelt and spelt flour
• wheat and wheat flour
• "Kaminwurzen" (a sort of regional spicy sausage) and Salami
• speck
• potatoes
• good cheese, milk and jogurt
• rye

On request guests can also taste the cheese sorts and get to know the cheese making process.
You can buy the products directly at the Unterhölzlhof or request by mail (

Chees dairy in the Unterhölzlhof


At Lerchnhof, situated in Olang, they mainly care about hazel fruits and berries. The farm produces sweet cherries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.
Furthermore, it is also possible to find some rarities like, for example, the so-called “Tayberry”  (which is an hybrid between the blackberry and the raspberry), white raspberries, blackberries and gooseberry.
Since Summer 2013 Lechnhof is also specialised in birch sugar: to know more about its healthy properties and the range of products, you can easily visit the following link. Lerchnhof

Lerchnhof Valdaora



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