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Time for the soul – after an exciting day of skiing, after a strenuous day’s tour, or just because it’s so nice. The value that tender loving care has for the body, spirit, and soul is more than clear to the residents of Valdaora-Olang. Most of the hotels have extensive and beautifully arranged spa areas where baths and massages, saunas and possibilities for tranquility are waiting for those moments of enjoyment and relaxation.  

Wellness in the Hotel Bad Bergfall in Valdaora

One special feature of the area around Valdaora is the extensive springs from which mineral-rich, healing waters have been streaming for thousands of years.  Relics from distant times can be marveled at in Valdaora, for example at the Bad Bergfall springs: an altar image from the eighteenth century bears witness to the bathing tradition that goes back to Roman times. They already suspected that the sulphurous water is beneficial to the health, and they left behind the remains of a swimming pool as well as offerings to the gods and to water nymphs whom they thanked for the recovery from a variety of ailments. Sulphur baths and other treatments are of course also available there for the guests of today! 

Sulfur baths in the Hotel Bagni di Pervalle Valdaora

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On the way to the sulphur baths Bagni di Pervalle.

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