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MTB in the Holiday Region Kronplatz

Mountainbiking in Valdaora

Breathtaking, exciting, and strenuous mountain bike tours can be wonderfully reached starting from Valdaora-Olang. The paths lead to the middle of the Fanes-Senes-Braies/Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park with its pale cliffs of the Dolomites, up and around the Plan de Corones-Kronplatz with a hundred variations through the forested slopes and up the sun-drenched top of Valdaora’s own local mountain. Anyone wishing to gradually build their condition will nevertheless find destinations with “let’s stop here” views as well as a number of sights worth seeing right on the edge of the path.  


The MTB map with the single tours of Valdaora and San Vigilio is available in the Tourist Info Valdaora!

MTB mappa Valdaora&San Vigilio

In Valdaora are now available 5 well signposted MTB trails. Including the two variations of the stretch between Bad Bergfall/Bagni Pervalle – Bogen this means a lenght of 55 km and a height difference of 3,531 m. The way up to the Passo Furcia is not provided with extra signs, but it simply follows the line of the road from Valdaora di Mezzo: a good trail for racing bikes.

Beside the MTB trails in Valdaora there are 4 Freeride trails on the Plan de Corones. To reach the Plan de Corones it is possible to take one of the cable cars starting from Valdaora, Riscone or Passo Furcia.  

And even more flexible plans can be made with the tours with the bike shuttles and the train, which make it possible to pack in both bike and biker (note: during the rush hour the transportation of bikes is not guaranteed). And all of your biking needs can be reliably taken care of by the bicycle rental.

MTB Valdaora - Val Pusteria



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MTB in the Holiday Region Kronplatz

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MTB Tours in Detail


Start: Valdaora di Mezzo - Mitterolang

Finish: Valdaora di Mezzo - Mitterolang

Altitude: 498 m

Difficulty: easy

Distance: 11,8 km

> .gpx download


„Bike fun underneath the Passo Furcia/Furkelpass“

This varied circuit leaves no room for monotony: along the Furkel stream, across woods, meadows and fields, on aspahlt as on gravel paths, with both gentle and steep stretches and 2 rest points... What more could bikers ask for? 

Variante Centro

Start: Incrocio Via Hinterberg - Strada Furcia

Finish: Valdaora di Mezzo - Mitterolang

Altitude: 317 m

Difficulty: easy

Distance: 5,5 km

> .gpx download

Variante Quota passo

Start: Imbocco Locanda Trattes > Strada Furcia

Finish: Passo Furcia - Furkelpass

Altitude: 206 m

Difficulty: easy

Distance: 2,6 km

> .gpx download

Giro malga Angerer

Start: Cross-road Panorama

Finish: Malga Angerer Alm

Altitude: 497 m

Difficulty: medium (with e-bike: easy)

Distance: 10,3 km

> .gpx download


„View over the Valle di Anterselva/Antholzertal“

Nice tour of medium lenght passing the southern woods of Valdaora/Olang in order to arrive at the beautifully situated Alp Angerer, where bikers can enjoy a restorative stop with an amazing view.


Malga Lanzwiese Climb

Start: Cross-road Panorama

Finish: Malga Lanzwiesen Alm

Altitude: 714 m

Difficulty: medium (with e-bike: easy)

Distance: 6,6 km

> .gpx download


„Let’s go to the alp“

After this demanding uphill bikers will be rewarded with a landscape right out of a picture postcard and an alp with a wonderful view of the Dolomites. Who wants to continue can add the tour „Variant Alta Via“.


Tracciato Monte di Mezzo

Start: Cross-road Panorama

Finish: Cross-road Panorama

Altitude: 311 m

Difficulty: medium (with e-bike: easy)

Distance: 6 km

> .gpx download


„Back and forth on the Mitterberg“

Short but not very easy route across the woods in the south of Valdaora/Olang, well-known as a good stretch for training. As both ways are interesting to do, you can find signing in both directions.


Malga Brunst Uphill

Start: Cross-road Panorama

Finish: Malga Brunst Alm

Altitude: 788 m

Difficulty: medium (with e-bike: easy)

Distance: 7 km

> .gpx download


„At the borders of the Natural Park Fanes-Sennes-Braies“

Along the rushing Brunst stream you will enter the valley of the same name and continue on a winding stretch to finally reach your destination: the Alp Brunst where to enjoy a well-deserved pause.

Passo Furcia - Furkelpass

Start: Valdaora di Mezzo - Mitterolang

Finish: Passo Furcia - Furkelpass

Altitude: 728 m

Difficulty: medium (with e-bike: easy)

Distance: 10,2

> .gpx download

Info: not signposted, just follow the road

22 Results found
Altitude difference
MTB Fanes-Tour 56703 m 1537 m difficult San Vigilio - Dolomites
MTB Pederü-Tour 11538 m 348 m easy San Vigilio - Dolomites
MTB Val-Costa-Tour 7405 m 256 m easy San Vigilio - Dolomites
MTB Pliscia-Tour 17088 m 324 m easy San Vigilio - Dolomites
Fanes Senes MTB Tour: beautiful, smart, invincible 51776 m 1977 m difficult San Vigilio - Dolomites
Variante Quota Passo / Variante Passhöhe 2732 m 207 m easy Valdaora-Olang
Malga Lanzwiese-Climb / Lanzwiesen Alm-Climb 6604 m 711 m medium Valdaora-Olang
Variante Centro / Variante Zentrum 5908 m 20 m easy Valdaora-Olang
Giro Malga Angerer / Angerer Alm-Tour 10220 m 497 m medium Valdaora-Olang
Circuito Bagni di Pervalle / Bad Bergfall-Bogen 10220 m 497 m easy Valdaora-Olang
Tracciato Monte di Mezzo / Mitterberg-Schaukel 5954 m 303 m medium Valdaora-Olang
Malga Brunst-Uphill / Brunst Alm-Uphill 6962 m 790 m medium Valdaora-Olang
Passo Furcia/Furkelpass 11834 m 772 m medium Valdaora-Olang
Bike & Freeride Piz de Plaies 2779 m 25 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Bike & Freeride Gassl 8461 m 3 m medium Valdaora-Olang
Bike & Freeride Herrnsteig 7431 m 0 m difficult Brunico-Bruneck
Bike & Freeride Furcia 4700 m 10 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
MTB Börz-Track 5748 m 570 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Miri-Track 5127 m 420 m easy San Vigilio - Dolomites
Rit tour 26068 m 1043 m medium San Vigilio - Dolomites
Bike & Freeride Andreas 907 m 26 m medium Brunico-Bruneck
Bike & Freeride Korer 913 m 0 m medium Brunico-Bruneck

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