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How do the Mountains Taste?

Traditional dishes in the Antholzertal / Valle Anterselva valley

Bars & Restaurants in Valle Anterselva

Spooning out steaming soup in a cozy, warm farmhouse parlor while outside, the snow quietly flakes down from the sky. There is no better way to warm up during the winter. Enjoying classic traditional Schüttelbrot crisp bread, tasty cheese from the Alpine meadow, and finely smoked speck farmer’s bacon on the sunny cabin terrace with an excellent glass of wine. That will provide all the refreshment you need in the summertime. But “real” hunger demands one of the typically hearty farmer’s dishes of the Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley for which the Valle Anterselva-Antholzertal valley is famous. It doesn’t matter whether it is simple and traditional, stylish and in remarkable locations, tastefully regional or at lofty heights; all those spending their vacation in the Valle Anterselva should sample every one of them.

Knödel / canederli in the Anterselva Valley

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Restaurant / Bar / Coffee Shop / Bistro - Anterselva di Mezzo / Antholz Mittertal
Albergo Ristorante Bruggerwirt

05.06.2020 -
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
08:00 - 23:00
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Biathlon Inn Antholzertal_
Restaurant / Bar / Coffee Shop / Bistro - Antholz Obertal
Biathlon Inn

19.10.2020 -
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Bar Egger Antholz_
Bar / Coffee Shop / Bistro / Pub / Disco / Ice cream parlor - Anterselva di Mezzo - Antholz Mittertal
EGGER (Kaffee - Bar - Burger)

01.05.2020 -
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
08:00 - 01:00
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Bar / Coffee Shop / Bistro / Farmhouse tavern / Restaurant in the farm / Farm inn - Antholz Mittertal
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Fischteich Antholz Niedertal / Anterselva di Sotto_
Bar / Coffee Shop / Bistro / Fast food - Anterselva di Sotto / Antholz Niedertal
Fischteich Antholz

12.05.2020 -
Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
09:00 - 18:00
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